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Payouts in a few clicks

Payment solution for transfers to Russian-speaking freelancers from abroad

Borderless payments for mutual settlements with developers and freelancers with 2% fee and exchange of closing documents


Free top-up of Salary balance


Reporting on all transactions

debit card

Transaction processing speed no more than 24 hours


Commission for payments to contractors from 2%


Exchange of closing documents

international payment solution

About Salary.cab

Thanks to the advanced international infrastructure we offer easy and secure ways to make payments worldwide

Use Salary.cab for payments to contractors and other needs



We comply with all legal requirements related to international financial transactions

  • We sign official contracts with all parties to the process
  • We exchange closing documents


We ensure the security of financial transactions and information data protection

  • We reduce your reputational risks and eliminate the possibility of funds being frozen for AML reasons due to the lack of connection between your companies and the CIS


Transaction processing time is no more than 24 hours on business days, usually 1-2 hours

  • Automatic generation of documentation: contracts, invoices, acts
  • Possibility of automatic replenishment of the balance using the USDT method (TRC20) within 5 minutes


We provide documentation for each payment

  • When creating a payment task, we show detailed calculations, information about commissions and exchange rates
  • All payment documents are available for download in your personal account

How it works

Send payments to
Russian-speaking freelancers
in a few clicks

The advantages of Salary are instant access to the platform, fast onboarding of companies, minimal commission, convenient ways to replenish the balance and pay out to contractors, plus you do not need to look for a suitable solution for each contractor:you enter into a contract with us, and we take care of the paperwork with your contractors

gradient hover Add your company

Create an account, add information about your company and your contractors

Simply register without onboarding, and get immediate access to the platform.
Our security service will only check your companies and contractors.

gradient hover create invoice

Sign the contract with our foreign company and top up your balance

The support service will contact you to sign the contract and send an invoice.
You can top up your balance in several ways: USD/EUR - Wire/SEPA, USDT - TRC20.

gradient hover Add your task

Create tasks to pay contractors

You can choose a method convenient for your contractors to receive payment - to a current account or to a crypto wallet in USDT.
Processing a task and sending a payment will take no longer than 24 hours on weekdays.

gradient hover create invoice

Receive a set of documents

The system automatically generates all the information you and your contractors need: contracts, invoices, acts.
To sign the documents, the support service will additionally contact you and your contractors.
You sign the contract with us only, and we, in our turn, sign with the contractors.

If you have any questions, our team of professionals is always ready to help
Write to support

Terms and prices

Transparent terms of service

There are no fees for topping-up your balance or exchanging currency. The commission is only for payments to contractors.

For companies with monthly payments of $50,000 or more,
we can offer exclusive conditions.

commission for the top-up
of your Salary balance:




from 2%*
payout commission



Payment account

*Depends on the jurisdiction and the payment volume

No subscription fee

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Calculate the cost of paying to your contractor right now

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Current rate
Salary fee
Salary top-up amount
Amount of payment to your contractor
The amount of payment to your contractor, including fee and currency conversion, paid in rubles or USDT
Get access to the platform


Why choose the Salary platform

Instant access
Minimum commission
functional interface
Automatic document generation

Instant access to the platform

  • To gain access to the platform, you need to go through a simple registration without prior onboarding;
  • To top up the balance and create payment tasks, you need to add the legal details of your company and the details of the service providers;
  • The security service will check the information and provide you with access to all functions of the platform within 24 hours.

Minimum commission

Thanks to the developed international financial infrastructure, we offer the most favorable commission on the market, starting from only 2% of the payment amount.

  • The payout commission is the only commission charged by the platform. We have no fees for topping up your balance, changing currencies or other hidden fees;
  • We are ready to offer even more favorable terms of cooperation for companies with large monthly payments.

Functional interface

The basis of the interface is a functional table that helps you work effectively with a large amount of data:

  • Use filters, sorting and search to view only the information you need at the moment;
  • Adjust the visibility of columns as you like it so that unnecessary data does not distract from your work;
  • Interact with one or with several table rows - delete, download in different formats.

Automatic document generation

The system generates all the documents necessary for you and your service providers automatically, which eliminates possible errors in documents and also significantly simplifies the document preparation process.

  • The system stores all generated documents, so you can download them again, if necessary;
  • If the standard contract form is not suitable for your company, contact the support service to agree on a form that is convenient for you.


Leave a request and we will contact you

What the support team can help with:
  • Demonstrate all the features of the platform;
  • Provide access to individual prices for large payments;
  • Consult on the possibilities of automating payments and document flow through the platform;
  • Make the first payments with you and show how all the features work.
The support service is available daily
from 09:00 to 18:00 UTC +3.
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